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About English Language

English Language Section

The English Language Department at the Faculty of Sciences and Arts – Khulais, seeks to develop curricula to respond to the needs of our community and prepare qualified candidates for the current employment market.  This is through highly advanced and developed educational curricula. It further draws plans for teaching the courses to keep up with the prevailing international standards of quality assurance councils.

The translation unit will provide qualified academic staff and technicians to help students achieve knowledge and interact with the syllabus and environment efficiently. This staff offers daily assistances to the translation unit students since they have to be available at their offices for five hours a day.

 Language laboratories:


Students will be provided with software for learning English language and translation in these laboratories Also, in these laboratories, which are furnished with computers and access to the internet, students can spend their leisure time efficiently.


  1. Improving students’ levels of English language proficiency to be competitive for their peers in the world universities.
  2. Functioning technology advancements in assimilating the sciences of language learning and translation.
  3. Preparing qualified human resources to serve local and Islamic organizations to participate in global and local activities of multi-cultural dialogues/discourses.
  4. Wishing to facilitate national human resources to take part in economic renaissance at our region.
  5. Making use of international experience and modern trends to accelerate and make big strides in curricula, course preparation and data presentation through last technology.
  6. Constructing human mental capabilities and scholastic skills needed by students relying on study, research, analysis, deduction, problem shooting, decision making and understanding others.


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