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Chairman’s Message

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you at the vicinity of University of Jeddah, Khulais Branch at your blessed Faculty of Science and Arts. s


Department of English and Translation is one of the promisingdepartments of the college that aims to offer distinctive scientific programs in order to improve and elevate the level of its graduates who will compete in the labor market.   Thus the Department has sought to attract teaching staff members from a variety of scientific and international expertise. With the help of Allah, the Faculty has accomplishments several of its objectives including ISO 2008/9001 Certification and founding new sections within the Departments Management Information Systems Section, Translation Section, and Biotechnology Section).  All these achievements aim to contribute to fulfillment of the needs of the labor market since there has been an increase in the employment opportunities for the Faculty's graduates, and to provide qualified national cadres, an evidence of the scientific renaissance in this part of our beloved country. c


    This webpage is one of the means that offers brief information about the Department and its establishment, hoping that it will achieve the desired benefit. I pray to Allah to protect our wise leadership and our country, to endow us with success and to guide us in making our mission prosperous to contribute to the knowledge of the world.  May Allah make all our efforts for His sake!sake


Once more I welcome you and wish you interesting surfing to the website.e


Dr. Fahd Mohammed Taleb Saeed Al-Olaqi


,Department of English & Translation

Tel: 2135592 – Extn: 84036


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